September 23, 2007

stranded in Kolkata

Well, after some days of big hassle in the Northeast I had to go to Kolkata, where I arrived yesterday. Actually I wanted to spend more time there in the northeast but I was facing problems with my permissions which were somehow not valid. Finally the authorities asked me to leave this area, I had to follow this order and so I came to Kolkata, a place I did not plan to visit.
Anyway I am not unhappy to be here to Kolkata, okay the weather sucks. Rain since 24 hours, and this morning a lot of areas of the city were at least partly flooded but meanwhile the situation has set to ease.
Like in Rajasthan I am not able to upload pictures from here and will do so later...

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Dear Mark, Goodnews !!! your permit for the NorthEast of India will be in order soon.
just keep in touch with my sister in Law... i will mail you her contact details.