September 15, 2007

New Image Gallery

Well, there hardly any news about me these days so I have just decided to launch an image gallery to provide you more pictures of my journey through India. So whenever I have time I try to upload some to the Flickr gallery that you can find here:
I will also set a link somewhere on this blog...

Anyway it looks like that I'll be going to Manipur and Bihar, two of the poorest states in India, on September 18th. It's not 100 percent confirmed but it looks like. I'll keep you up to date.


Ines said...

Hello Marcus, my congratulations! Your photo gallery is great! Especially, I like the scenes of everyday life in the streets of Jodhpur, for instance that old woman with her two grand children or the man with his cow on the street ... Many of your pictures tell a little story.
Marcus, carry on, I am keen to see your next pictures.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Fornell,
good evenig in indian time ,
the foto,s with childeren in Jodhpur, Dehli, Nepal,are very absorbed I am deeply sadened .they are root of live in india for the future.
you have a positive moving in this
branch of study
we wish you more achievement and success in your job and live

have a nice time
aasf team Geottingen Germany

Sonora said...

Great work.