September 17, 2007

I begin to understand cricket and I am irritated by the electricity watch

It's almost 1:30 in the morning and I am still awake as I normally go to bed when the electricity is off. But something has changed... since yesterday there is no powercut at night. Earlier it was possible to set your watch after the power cut. There is one in the morning between 7AM and 9AM, one from noon till 2PM and another one from midnight till 2AM...
Also I slowly begin to understand the Cricket game. Cricket was always like mystery to me but since there is the International Cricket Championschip in South Africa and India bet Pakistan two days ago but was bet itself by New Zealand this night I am watching Cricket on television during all meals.
Except of these excerpts of Delhi life there aren't many news here. Since three days I am staying at my place mainly as we had to edit a film and some other stuff... On the 18th I am going to Assam and Manipur now. The tickets are booked but I am still not sure if it is such a good decision to go there as Assam is facing the heaviest monsoon rain falls since decades and millions of people lost their home there.


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