August 12, 2007

it`s been exactly one week since I arrived to Delhi and it`s time for some reflection on the first seven days. India has a lot of different sides. There are so many beautiful temples and palaces and other famous sights like the Taj Mahal. Often we come to know about India as an boosting economy with all the IT experts, upcoming shopping malls, etc.
But during my first week of stay I have experienced Delhi from a different view, from the view of the poorest class of population that presents at least half of the countries population. I am facing the problem of electricity every day a major problem that has to be solved if India really want`s to compete with western economies.
On the other side I have come to know to many awesome people like when I have been invited into a very big tent where pilgrims walking towards Delhi are having their rest with entertaining music programs, etc. Thanks for the great hospitality with free food, mango juice and everything...

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