August 28, 2007

Getting to the Delhi City Centre was almost like a torture. It took me 3 horrible hours for just
16 kilometers (air-line distance). Reason was a Hindu festival, so everyone used to be on the road. For a while I started to regret that I have accepted the invitation of my friend Umesh to come to his place today. But nevertheless it turned into a great and interesting afternoon and evening.
First I was with my friends family to celebrate the Hindu festival - although he has actually become a Buddhist now - and then we went to celebrate the birthday of one of his wife's friend. It was a very exciting experience to chat with all those young people there. I was involved into discussions about religion and other stuff... and made a lot of new friends there (real friends, not like those guys from the streets)^^

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Kinshuk Sunil said...

so how was ur experience of rakhsa bandhan?