August 21, 2007

Destination Mountain

Well, I have not touched it but at least I have felt the Mount Everest by heart when I went on a mountain flight this morning. It was an amazing trip and finally I was lucky to see the very high mountains of the Himalaya.

I was picked up by Khem, who is a friend I got to know in Kathmandu, at 5.30 AM. He organized the trip for me and took me to the domestic airport. Expecting a scratched airplane I was surprised about the Jetstream 41 operated by Yeti Air, which seemed to be in a very good condition. On the plane I was told by a guy from Japan who lives in Hong Kong right now, that this flight has been cancelled the last couple of days due to bad weather conditions, so again one more reason to feel lucky after experiencing all that bad luck with the weather here. The flight itself took around one hour and took us alongside Mount Everest and others…

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